Cheval & Campagne



Horse Back riding • Family day • Club House rental


Cheval & Campagne is looking forward to welcoming you to Ferme Les Neiges. As outdoorsy adventurous travellers and horse lovers, we realised that we would like to share what we have with others. But not in the traditional way.  We want to offer you that special moment with your friends or family... the ultimate outdoor experience! Beyond the breathtaking view, the farm offers you multiple options of different activities depending on your passion and your interests.

* Ferme Les Neiges is not an equestrian centre. We are a rugged, natural and calm private farm. 


Activities we offer .... are as unique as you are



The ultimate experience of outdoor, based and created upon your dreams, interest and capacity.

The most unique experience is the connection that you will build with the chosen horse. Something that will be yours forever.


Come with your family to spend a day at the farm, enjoying the view and the exciting things that our piece of paradise has to offer. 


Project in progress, details to be confirmed soon. 

The Club House

The Club House offers an excellent opportunity for you to organise any kind of event.

We can adapt the seating and equipment to suit your theme and needs



All prices are reference since you can adapt your package to your taste

Trail riding
including prep time with the horses (30 minutes), trail ride (60 minutes), access to the club house  & trails - maximum stay 3 hours)

Family day
Unlimited access to walk on the land and trails (approximate 3 hours)
$35 for adults / $10 for children (12 years and up)

Lunch basket
local products for 2 people

Tapas with local products for 2 people

Club house
Special events
Only upon special request


* Prices include taxes


Please meet our family!

Lisa, Patrice and Felix as well as their 8 horses and many other animals are pleased to welcome you to Ferme les neiges.


the horses:

BELLA : A Clydesdale mare who just had a foal. Bella is kind, slow and is 18 hands tall.

LOLA : Black as night, Lola is a stunning appendix horse with an active temperament. She is very elegant. She can only be ridden by experienced riders.  

STEEL:  He is a 5 years old Thorougbread with a heart of gold.  Sensitive but truly kind.

STELLA: Best trail horse in the team. A solid hafflinger with a fast foot. Needs a strong hand.

GRINGO: Our sheriff! Gringo will guide us and make sure that family stays together. A tall Canadian horse with a unique colour and personality

VILDE: Our 18 year old Belgian. Can only be ridden bare back… so limited for you who are used to this!

KATE: A 7 Years old Clydesdale with an active mind and personality. Lovely trail horse. Stands 17 hands high.

PEPPA: A 12 years old Clydesdale mare.  A good trail horse who stands 17 hands tall.